Support for Parents and Autistic Children Everywhere

Our charity was founded in December 2003, we had by then built a soft play and sensory room, with the help of kind hearted, generous strangers.
The reason we chose Autism as our charity was because both of my grand-daughters had been diagnosed with the condition, we found very little help available for parents in the Solihull  area at that time. We could find no play facilities to take our children to , where main stream children did not stare at them and make fun of their disability.
We also ran a 24 hour help line, we find that this is no longer needed as Solihull has opened a lot more organisations to help families with special needs children. Our members are always on the end of a telephone to help and advise if needed.
S.P.A.C.E  stole a motto from a television advert, " If we cant help we know a man who can". We will also help parents with any problems they have with the LEA, (local education authority ).
 The most popular thing we help with is their DLA forms as you need a university education to fill one of these in.
Our main concern is doing what we can to help families understand they are not alone, we all know what they are going through. After talking to parents and siblings of the special needs children we realized they needed a place to go and  relax to get away from all the forms, professionals, and most important the same questions we get asked by different departments. These can really hurt the parents, having to say your child doesn't let you cuddle or kiss them, or will not even look at you most of the time.
 We held a meeting and asked them to give us a few suggestions as to what they would like, we had  90% requesting somewhere to have a holiday, so we decided to purchase a static caravan at a seaside suitable for our special children. The main board members went on a few try before you buy breaks at different caravan parks, before they chose the perfect site for the children

gallery sample
  • Children having fun

    Here are two children who both  have a
    diagnosis of  Autism, enjoying cycling.

  • Gallery

    This is a sample of art work painted by a child with Autism
    You can see more  click on painting..

S P A C E Holiday Home

Here is another  view of ramp , you can also see some of the garden.
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